Sunday, October 12, 2014

Spiders and Bats…Imagine that!!

Spiders and bats are fascinating and some children might be afraid of them...until they learn some interesting facts about them. Fall seems to be the perfect season in which to engage in the study of these interesting creatures!  
Spiders are often confused with insects..the 6 legs vs. 8 legs, 3 body parts vs. 2 body parts etc.  Here is a poem, sung to the tune “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, that will help your students learn a little bit about spiders. Download the file to get the pocket chart cards and words. 
Click {HERE} to download the free file
                    Here are some great books to use when studying spiders. 

"There's a Spider on the Floor" Song is an old favorite that children enjoy. It is fun to use a fake spider (Get one now since we are so close to Halloween!) or use a hand puppet. Go around to the children as they are singing and put it on their heads, stomachs, legs etc. as the song progresses. (The words to the "classic" version are below.) There are a lot of videos on with various renditions of this song but click this link to this version and has children singing it during a mini-concert. Children love watching other children!

Make these spider headbands and wear them as your class performs their own "There's a Spider on the Floor" song! 
Click {HERE} to download the free file with all the templates and directions. 
Bats are fascinating creatures of the night that are often misunderstood. We LOVE studying about bats in our classroom and the more we learn about them, the more we appreciate what they do for us! Bats eat so many pesty bugs and mosquitoes that without them, we would probably be covered in bug bites! Here are some of our favorite books to enjoy and provide information on bats. 
We like to use our Bat-theme throughout the classroom, in centers, during writing, and in math. Here is a Math booklet entitled "How Many Wings on My Bats?" that is a cut-and-paste activity to do whole class or in a Math Center.   

Click {HERE} to download the file. 

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