Thursday, October 23, 2014

Only 8 Days Until November!!

Hello all!  I'm SUPER excited to be writing my first blog post for this amazing collaborative blog.  I'm so blessed to be apart of this amazing group of passionate teachers.  My name is Ciera Harris and I blog over at Adventures of Room 129.  

A little about myself... 

I've been teaching now for 7 years.  I teach at a 2/3 school so the only grades we have in our building are 2nd and 3rd.  I loop as well so I have the same group of kids for two years.  I love looping and really getting to know the kids and the parents.  The second year starts off like the year before never ended.  We can jump right into learning since we all know one another - its fantastic!  

I'm a mom of 3 (under the age of TWO)!!  Yes, can you figure that out?  HA!  I have 22 month old twins and a 7 week old.  I'm actually still on maternity leave until November 3rd and am getting very anxious about going back.  My twins are hilarious.  I love every second being with them.  And they are cute to boot so that makes it even more fun!  

Check out this adorable video I took the other day of my little one Kennedy make 'cute' and 'squishy' faces.  LOVE it!

Here are a few pictures of my family:

Seriously adorable right!?  I would totally be a stay at home mom (if I could afford it!).  

So I wish I had an updated classroom idea or post I could write today, but being out of the classroom for the past 7 weeks makes it hard to come up with classroom related blog posts.  So instead I'm going to vent about my anxiety about coming back to the classroom.  With the twins, I took off 4 entire months.  They were on a schedule, sleeping through the night..  They felt more independent in a way.  But with my new one (Emmitt by the way) - he's still very scattered..  No schedule, waking up all the time..  I hate taking him to a daycare like this.  I was ready to go back after having the twins but I don't have that same feeling this time and I'm not sure why.  So I'm trying to 'inspire' myself in a way by making resources now that I know I'll use when I get back to class.  

So I introduce to you...

These are so cute and so fun!  They all cover concepts my class has previously learned so they'll be great for small groups or centers.  They all include coloring in some aspect which my kids will love!  Making these, these past few days, has made me feel a little better about going back and seeing my other family.  

If you like what you see, click on any of the photos to learn more!  

Thanks for reading my little post.  I'd love to read your comments to get to know you lovely readers!  Make sure to check out my personal blog over at Adventures of Room 129!!



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