Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fire Safety Week

Fire Safety Week
Hello! This is Crystal McGinnis from Mrs. McGinnis' Little Zizzers. This week is fire safety week, and my kinders have been very busy learning about fire safety. We will be participating in fire safety activities all week. Here is what we have completed so far.
I began my fire safety unit by reading this book. Stop, Drop, and Roll provides a great introduction to fire safety. After reading the book, we practiced stopping, dropping, and rolling on the floor.
After reading the book, I showed this fun video that I found on You Tube. Sparky the safety dog discusses how to be safe if you ever see a fire. After watching the video, we compared the video and the book. We discussed fire safety tips that were in both the book and the video.

I needed a cute hallway display, so my kinders created these firemen. I provided the body and the hat, and my kinders glued a picture of themselves to the fireman body. I covered their adorable little faces, but these turned out very cute. I had several compliments in the first few minutes. I also created this butcher paper fire, and my kids glued fire safety rules around it.

I always try to tie in reading, writing, and math into my units. My sight word of the week this week is "see," so I created an emergent reader that emphasizes that word. I always introduce my emergent readers whole group on the smartboard before my kids read them individually.

This is one of my students reading her fire safety book. We have been working on tracking print, and it looks like she is doing a beautiful job!

We have also been working on color words so I created this color word "read and color" activity. Students read the sentence and color the fire truck to match the words. They love to sing the words off of the color words songs found on You Tube as they are working with colors. R-E-D red, R-E-D red, I can spell red, I can spell red, fire trucks are red, stop signs are red too, R-E-D, R-E-D!

One my first quarter objectives is teaching my kinders positional words. I created this positional words activity that is fire safety themed. My kids glued the objects under, over, beside, between, and in front of.
My kinders have not completed this writing activity yet, but we will be writing about what we will do if we see a fire. At this point, my writing is very guided.

I will use this activity to assess what my kinders learned during our fire safety unit. Students will pick out the good fire safety choices and glue them to the top of the printable.

I sent this home early in the week, and we will discuss these on Friday. I asked my parents to talk to their kids about their "safe meeting spot" outside of their home. I am interested to see what responses I get. I hope that this at least starts a conversation about fire safety in my student's homes.

This is an example of the posters that I hung on my weekly objective board. I created posters that displayed several fire safety choices.
We have several other activities that we will be completing before the week is over! If you are interested in implementing any of these activities in your classroom, click the link below to see my Fire Safety Pack.



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