Friday, October 24, 2014

Going Batty for Bats!

Hey everyone! 

So, we've been learning a little bit about bats this past week and I'm here to share a few of those ideas with you.  It seems that all kids love learning about bats.  My kids are always 100% engaged when we start learning about topics that they're interested in.. naturally. 

In our reading curriculum we're learning about vowels and their sounds, so of course I found a super cute song on youtube that goes perfectly with our bat theme.

Kids go batty for this song... oh, and they're learning too! 

I read some nonfiction books and fiction books about bats.  Here are some of my favorites:

I highly recommend reading both books to your kiddos! 

I love making little books for my kids to take home.  It gives them ownership of their learning,  they can retell the information by looking at the pictures, & their families can see what we're learning.
You can find my bat book {HERE}.

In the book, kids will learn about echolocation.  Kids love learning about this, so I always play the echolocation song. It gives them  a better understanding of what this word really means & they always ask me to play it again It's amazing how kids remember this word!  

We also did a bat craftivity.  One of my amazing parent helpers cut the bats out in advance.  The kids decorated with a white crayon & googly eyes.  Then they wrote one bat fact.  I hung them upside down in our classroom.  

  Grab the Bat Fact writing paper {HERE}.

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