Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Hallo-Wiener! FREEBIE, too!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! It's just so FUN! And there are SO many fun things you can do! Though I admit my most favorite is Christmas...Halloween has an advantage
because it's just a little less stressful and's just FUN!

On of my favorite Halloween books to read to my kiddos is Dav Pilkey's Happy Hallo-Wiener! It's also a favorite of my kiddos -- they get a kick out of the Halloween costume Oscar's mom makes for him: while he wants to have a fierce, scary costume, he ends up having to wear a HOTDOG costume!! He is mortified...the other dogs make fun of him...and he is bound to have a miserable time trick or treating. Kiddos love the way the story turns around & Oscar ends up the hero.

We are really working on order of events this time of year...sequencing the story and using words like first, next, then, after that, last, or finally. I've created a fun graphic organizer for my kiddos to use. Just click on the pic below to download a copy directly from my dropbox!

If you haven't read this book yet, you should definitely look for a copy. I did a quick search and found this read aloud that could be used in the classroom. I'm thinking it'd make a great workstation or center! Just click the picture of the book below. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!


  1. I love this book. I read the book on Thursday and am going to use this on Monday. They are going to love this, thank you.