Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Keeping Kids Active

Hey friends, it Brittany again from Tickled Pink in Primary. Are you looking for ways to get your kids moving AND keep their brain working? I've created many games called Fluency & Fitness that help your students review needed skills, gives them a brain break, and get in a little exercise. My students have so much fun with this and even ask me if we can do it!

To play Fluency & Fitness you simply project one of the slideshows onto a big screen and flip through the slides as fast or slow as you think your students can do the skill. When they see an exercise slide, they have to do that exercise until you click to the next screen. I like to tease my students and stay on the exercise screen for a while. ;) 

One of my first grade colleagues videoed her class doing the number version. It's funny to see how excited they are for the push-ups.

Here's an example of the Missing Numbers version which would be great practice for mClass math assessments. 

Below is an example of my Dolch Words bundle. I have all the Dolch words in this packet from pre-primer to 3rd grade, or you can visit my store to buy just the sight word sets you need.

Fluency & Fitness doesn't just have to be a slideshow for whole group practice! I printed multiple pages per sheet to make these cards smaller. Put them in a cute container and voila, you have a great literacy center activity!

Click here to see all the different versions of Fluency & Fitness that I have.  I'm getting many requests for games, so keep an eye on my store for new activities!


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