Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Time to Wake Up!

Happy Hump Day, Friends! We've almost made it through one of the craziest months of the school year! Wooohooo! 

As I was chatting with my bloggy friends from across the country, I realized that there's this crazy "rule" {for lack of a better word!} that students show up to school before the bell even rings! 

In my district here in the Bay Area {as with many districts in the area} kids are not bussed to school - they show up at bell time! When my friends told me that they need to open their door up to 45 minutes before the bell rings...I gasped! "What are you supposed to do with the kids?" I asked.  Well, apparently, you're not allowed to teach anything new OR grade anything! Say, What?!? 

So as with most things, necessity is the mother of invention! 
 Meet Wake Up Workouts - Before the Bell Activities! I am SO pumped about these new tasks/activities/time fillers! 
lucky to be in first wake up workouts
So, an idea was hatched! I created simple themed activities for each month! The kids can simply grab a stick and scratch paper and go to town!  It's a mix of language arts and math skills presented in a fun way! 

Here's a peek at the October Wake Up Workouts! 
lucky to be in firstlucky to be in first
lucky to be in firstlucky to be in first
lucky to be in first
To prep your workouts, you simply print, cut and glue onto a stick! I chose to laminate my set so they last a little longer! Then, I found a tin I had shoved in the back of a closet and added the "title!" 

Kids can simply grab an activity and take it to their seat! 
lucky to be in first wake up workouts
Since my class shows up at the bell, I plan to use these activities for quick 5 minute fillers, occasional morning work activities for the class, or even brain breaks! 

My goal was to bundle ALL of the months at once and post them separately in my store, too! However, because I got engaged in the middle of this project {yay, us!} all work promptly came to a halt so I could celebrate with JB {and our awesome friends!}! I managed to get OctoberNovemberDecember, and February posted {not sure why I skipped January!} in my TpT Store.

I plan to post the rest of the sets * soon* and add to the bundle! SO, right now, A Year of Wake Up Workouts is on sale for HALF PRICE {since it's not complete!} As soon as I add the other 6 sets, the price will go up! Grab it while it's crazy cheap! 

Want to see if Wake Up Workouts will work for your classroom? Head over to TpT and grab the Anytime Wake Up Workout FREEBIE! If you can use this goody, I hope you'll leave some love! 
Have an awesome week! 


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