Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Craft Round-Up

Hello Everyone!
I'm Deirdre and I blog over at A Burst of First.
I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful collaborative blog. 
I'm coming at you today with a....
I love a good classroom craft!!
I believe so many aspects of doing a craft are beneficial for our students.
It builds fine motor, listening skills, creativity and much more!
Some of my "rules" for choosing crafts any time of year are:
{1} They have to take longer than 5 minutes.
There's nothing like spending an entire prep period planning an adorable craft, getting the kids all set up and turning around 3 minutes later with some cutie in your face saying "I'm done!". 
You've all been there I know! 
{2} No fingerprints, handprints or footprints with paint.
This may sound cruel, but it's a lot of prep and clean up for the product.
I like to keep things more simple than that!
{3} Not too many parts!
Those crafts where you need a hundred pieces on a variety of
 different colored papers make me bananas. 
Other than this....Let's get our craft on!!

This little sweetie is adorable!
Recently my son made me one at home because he saw them 
in the hall at his school and thought I would like one.
How sweet is that?
Of course a quick poke on Pinterest and I found them!
Check it all out here on the Crafty Morning blog.

I saw these on Pinterest awhile back and I melted for them!
Get that pun all you Frozen fans?
Click here for some awesomely detailed instructions.

I bet the 100th day is sneaking up on you!
It sure is around here!
I am in love with this delicious craft.
It makes me want ice cream even in our cold weather.
I plan to do this in my room in a few weeks.
We are going to add ten toppings to each scoop!
I'm not super crafty, but I feel pretty smart about that idea!
Click here to see this project and some other great 100th day ideas. 

We made these last year and they skyrocketed to my top ten favorite crafts.
They are reversible!!! Yes for real!!
I love 2 for the price of 1!!
They are from Erica Bohrer's blog.
Grab the free (yay!) template here!

My sweet bloggy friend Aris of Sailing Into Second
recently made these adorable kids in the snow.
I must add these to my to do list!!
A Year of Many Firsts has a free template here

Last up we have not quite a craft, but a fun experiment!
Amazingly we have had very little snow here in New England this year.
I am not complaining at all!
I could probably live the rest of my life with out snow.
Bet your bottom dollar that my students would love to do this though!
I think I may have something fun up my sleeve for Friday afternoon {wink}.
Click here to check out this sweet post. 

So fun to "meet" everyone!!
I hope you'll visit (and follow) me over at A Burst of First!


  1. I LOVE all your craft ideas! Too cute! I just pinned a few of them. They will be perfect for my kiddos. Thanks for sharing these fabulous ideas!