Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentines Ideas for Bigger Kids

I'm gearing up for the last big holiday celebration before the end of the school year/my maternity leave: Valentines Day! Even though I teach 4th grade, my student's are always ready to celebrate whenever they can; I just try to make it educational too.

A year or two ago, I saw a fun idea from Ideas by Jivey, and I challenged my homeroom students to this last year. It really got them to thinking. Nothing like throwing in a few fractions to make decorating a Valentine's Day bag more fun.

Working with figurative language, while it can be difficult at times, it can be fun change of pace for the holidays. Last year, student's worked with similes and metaphors to describe their families and share the love a bit.

To try and brush up on skills before the "big test" I created some centers with a Valentine theme to help my student's review. Learning through centers and games are a classroom-favorite.

A very sweet paraprofessional with an artistic flair, helped me create some valentines for a few ladies in my building who don't always get the recognition they deserve: the lunch ladies. A freebie for kiddos to color and surprise the cooks with. I know the ladies sure enjoyed the extra showering of appreciation.

A little Valentine's Day flair found itself in one of my RTI groups. A fun game to work on nonsense long and short vowels

Here's hoping you and your student's have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


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