Sunday, January 18, 2015

Self Assessments in Kindergarten

HIYA everyone!
It’s KIMBERLY from LovingKinders!  I am excited to guest blog this month.  So without further adieu, Let’s CHAT about

As you know, I teach K.  I adore my kinders and I look forward to all of my lessons and watching them gradually grow as independent writers.  This year our school has been undergoing accreditation.  YUCK. One area of current discussion is: 

Student Self Assessment.  

At first, I hide my head at our staff meeting. I place it on the table and close my eyes. Really?  
Self Assessment in kindergarten?  
We have enough assessments! 
NOW I have to have them judging themselves?  

After pondering a couple of ideas, I thought to myself.  

Brain FART~! 
I DO this! I DO? 

REWIND.  In addition to teaching k all year, I teach summer school for the kiddos that need extra help as they transition into the first grade.  During our summer session we do a lot of independent writing, moving from “with support” to working towards writing independence.  

During this intervention, I provide my students with CHECK LISTS copied or stapled to their papers.  These checklists give them ways for the students to CHECK THEIR OWN WORK during and after they complete their writing.  

Many students that have difficulty transitioning into the first grade, have trouble remembering all of the RULES FOR WRITING.  They have sporadic capital letters, no punctuation, or inadequate letter/word spacing.
So what should we do?  REMIND THEM PEOPLE!

So... I created simple, yet effective self-assessments that can be attached or copied right onto their writing projects/journals in order to assist them with all of these kinder writing rules. 

These are GREAT self assessments and they eliminate me saying 
“Don’t forget your spaces!  How do you stop a sentence?  What do you need to start a sentence?” 

To be honest, I still say this.  
But maybe a little less. 

By adding a quick checklist- with PICTURES, students can use this to check their writing! Genuis right?  

Hey, I know I didn’t invent this but I do use it and 

Good luck making your own CHECK LIST Self Assessments.  If you are interested in these, check them out at my TPT store. I have editable and non-editable forms.



  1. Thanks for sharing a good and helpful article. We can't underestimate what they can do independently, can we?