Thursday, January 15, 2015

100th Day

Today was day #89 for me ~ just 11 more school days 'til 100th Day!  Depending upon when you began your school year, and how many snow days you've had (3 for me), you are probably getting close to your 100 day of school.  In the past few years our celebrations have included lots of fun activities that made the day a memorable one for my little Kinders.  Here are some pictures of my past 100th Days. 

 Last year my teaching partners & I had fun dressing up as 100 year old ladies. (I'm on the right.  And, wearing a gray wig.) 

Even some of my little kiddos dressed up as centenarians! 

The kids brought in 100 small items.  With the help of a parent volunteer they counted them by ones, fives, and tens.  The mats ~ ten circles on on a large piece of paper ~ helped them to keep track of their little items.  It was interesting to see their collections.

The past three years we made collaborative 100 item craft projects.  Pizzas with 100 toppings, cupcakes with 100 sprinkles, and bowls with 100 fish.  Parent volunteers helped the kids with these projects.

100 piece snacks, counting to 100, and 100 "written" with crackers.

100th Day writing & pictures.  Get this freebie HERE.

I'm looking forward to 100th Day 2015 (even if it is three days later than it should be...).  I've been pinning some new ideas.  I think we'll be building 100 cup structures, and making 100 "gumball" gumball machines.  What will you do to celebrate the big day?

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