Monday, January 12, 2015

Making every moment count...

Hi everyone! This is Kristen from Kristen's Kindergarten. I'm super excited to be sharing for the first time here on the Who's Who blog!
I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself so overwhelmed at the end of the day, that I don't know what I need to get done before I go home.  So I decided to create something to keep myself on track.

 I made these cards, one for each day of the week, so in the moments when I am overwhelmed or can't get my tired teacher brain to think straight, I can see what I absolutely need to do before I go home for the day.  These cards are a little bigger than 5x6, so they will be difficult to lose and I laminated them because not only are they items that need to be done each week, but if I think of more things I need to add, I can add them with a Sharpie. I can also cross items off when I'm done!

 I am lucky enough that my son, niece, and nephew all attend my school and they often have some time before school starts each morning and I offer them jobs to do.  I created a card for them, so they know what they can do to help me get ready for the day.  Another plus of laminating them is that they can cross the items off the list as they finish them.  I can leave this card with my 10 year old while I am at one of our morning meetings and he will know what I need for him to do to help his mom. :)

 I plan on punching a hole in the top left corner and putting a ring through them so that I can keep all 5 cards together.  I think of them as portable to-do lists! I am a list maker by nature, sometimes just so I can cross things off--its a great sense of accomplishment to see your list get shorter! 

I also used cards like this when I have a student teacher.  These are a great tool to give to them so they know what they need to finish before they can leave for the day too.  

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Thanks for reading!


  1. This is such a great idea Kristen! I have an old sticky note under my keyboard...this would be so much better! Thank you for sharing!