Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kids, Yoga, and the Brain

Friends~Yoga is an incredible exercise for both the brain and the body.  That is why I love that at my school ALL students have PE everyday and one of those days is a YOGA class.  
(We even have recess too!)
Yep! That's right! Grades K-8. 
Once a week, my students head to our yoga room, take off their shoes, and roll out their mats.  Why? because we want our students to connect their brains to their body movements! We want our students to be healthy active learners.  
Yoga is a fantastic way for children to activate both sides of their brains.  Many yoga poses encourage cross body motions that strengthen the connection between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. 
The right side controls emotions and creativity while the left side handles more logic and numbers.  When both sides of the brain are activated learning becomes easier.  

We all know that students these days are feeling the stress of testing in the classroom.  Some schools are even considering limiting or getting rid of recess!

Yoga allows them to focus on their breathing when stress enters their bodies.  The breathing encourage a release of that stress.  Students that are active and learn to understand their bodies are more confident and able to handle what life throws at them.  

I know from my own daughter, the stress level for our young teens at school can be intense. She relies on the focused breathing that she has learned in yoga to stay in control both at school and on the softball field.  My 3rd grade son loves yoga and was so excited to show you all some of the poses he has learned in school. 

Click the video to see him in action! 

As a teacher, I see the benefit in the classroom     everyday.  We use some of the yoga breathing and cross body activities during our morning meeting and at the end of the day.  My first graders are more focused and centered after their yoga class and it is great for brain breaks in the classroom.  
If you don't have yoga in your school, I encourage you to add it into your weekly routine.  This is a simple video to get you started! 

I just love this poster!  
ABCs of Yoga has some great resources!

~A Yoga pose a day keeps the stress away!


  1. Yes dear, yoga is an extremely beneficial exercise for both brain and body. My children have joined weekly yoga workouts classes. They love these yoga classes. The instructors are very experienced. They are very friendly too.

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