Monday, May 19, 2014

Table labels with a freebie!

Hello again!  It's me, Hilary from Second Grade is out of This World!  I am going to share with you today how I label the tables in my classroom.

Each week we have five spelling words that we concentrate on, then every other week we take a spelling test over all ten words and some surprise words based on word chunks from the spelling words.

Anyway, one way that we practice our words for the week is that I name each table after one of the words.
Then, when I call a table, we all spell word together.  I also call tables by different aspects of the words:
The table that has 2 vowels.
The table that starts with the /d/ sound.
The table that end with the /s/sound.
The table that rhymes with because...
The possibilities are really endless. 
I made my labels with a space theme, because my classroom is space themed.  I printed two copies of each circle on cardstock, cut them out, glued them back to back and then laminated them.
I then write the words on each side using a dry erase marker and hang them above each table.
On Friday, it is the table captains job to take them down and erase them and put them on my desk so that they are ready for me for Monday!  
I have attached a freebie that includes the space labels and some without the aliens (just click on the picture above or HERE!  Enjoy!  

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