Wednesday, May 14, 2014

End of the Year Theme Days

Hi ya'll this is Deniece from This Little Piggy Reads.  Things have changed a bit over at my blog, hop over if you'd like see my new "do".  As of today, I have 16 1/2 days of school left.  

Is it just me or do the last two weeks of school DRAG on forever?  I swear, my body fights me to get out of bed.  My kiddos are fighting summer fever too, especially when June hits (I bet the person who makes our school calendar is sitting in a quiet office come June)!  

To curb enthusiasm, this year my team is trying out theme days.  We see a different class each day of the week, so next week our theme is "Camping Out with E.A."  Keep in mind we see 2nd - 5th Graders daily.  Our plan is to...
Make solar oven s'mores.  

Read by flashlight.  

Sit in camping chairs.

Make fake "fires".

Do you do theme days near the end of the school year?  Have you ever had a camping day?  How did it turn out for you?  Any tips?


  1. I don't do theme days, but I tried the solar oven for science class. However, when we went outside the sun went behind a cloud, so our marshmallows never melted. We ate them anyway. We melted the chocolate in the solar ovens and made a huge mess with chocolate dripping everywhere. YUMMY!!!

  2. Great ideas! I will be using some of these along with my camping themed review games the last few days of school.
    Dirt Road Teacher

  3. Mrs. Decker - we've had unusually cool, windy, rainy weather in TX this week. We devised a plan that if our weather doesn't cooperate, we will use a heat lamp to "roast" the smores. One of my teammates has a class pet gecko and there is a heat lamp that doesn't touch the cage, so we will use it! I think it's a good back up. We also have a microwave;)