Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Personalized Learning this Summer

what are you doing this summer

Are you looking forward to summer? Many teachers look forward to this time off so they can spend time with their family, take a vacation or organize that closet they never seem to get to.

All those things are important, but summer time is also a good time for teachers to reflect on teaching practices and take advantage of professional learning opportunities.

Tots and Technology


This summer, in June, my friend Sandy Cangelosi and I are going to attend Tots and Technology. This conference is put on my TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association). The focus of this conference is on instructional technology for grades PreK-5th grade.

Not only are Sandy and I attending, we are also going to co-present a session on using QR codes to engage learners and facilitate student research. When I am not presenting, I plan on attending sessions on how to incorporate Aurasma into lessons, blogging in the classroom using Kidblog, Google and more!

I am so excited about all the learning opportunities I will have. I often say, "A day I don't learn something new, is a day I haven't lived." I don't know about you, but these types of conferences leave me feeling excited and energized.

Personalized Learning Ideas
1. TCEA offers a wide variety of learning opportunities in the summer.  You can participate in live and recorded webinars.
2. Did you know more educators are using Twitter for learning than any other group?  If you are not using Twitter you are missing a huge opportunity to grow your PLN and connect with teachers around the world that share your same passions.  Check out this Teacher's Guide to Twitter from Edudemic.
3. Read blogs authored by teachers such as this one.
4. Join a private Facebook teacher group.
5. Connect with teachers on Google +.

Enjoy Learning over the Summer 
So as you take time to relax and enjoy waking up late and staying up all night, don't forget to seek out professional development that YOU are interested in. Follow your interest and your passion will begin to flair up. Equip yourself this summer to dive deeper and go further with your students next year.

Please let me know if you will be attending Tots and Technology this summer,
Sandy and I would love to meet you!



  1. I will be very interested in what you learn at the conference. QR codes are great but have not make any of my own yet & would also like to learn more about Aurasma too. Keep me posted! Jackie