Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Behavior Management Tips & Tricks

Hi Again!  It is Bee from Miss Teacher Resources 101.  

I can't believe that the year is starting to calm down.  I have 30 days of school left and it's definitely bittersweet!  

Okay so now for a little background on myself and the reason for this blog post...

I am the Kindergarten Special Education teacher in a school in New York.  My class is a collaborative class composed of 27 general education and special education students.  My group is a cute, sweet, -yet rambunctious bunch.  About half of my class are sweet, innocent, and eager to please and the other half is sweet and rambunctious.  Boy, can this make teaching hard... especially in the beginning and end of the school year.  The beginning of the year is when you want to start training your class without revealing all of your tricks.  The end of the year is when you use every last trick you could think of!  :)

As my experience in Special Education builds, I come up with more tips and tricks to get my difficult students attention and behavior under control.  

Tips and Tricks

I have found this to be effective at almost any given time.  When students are "caught doing the right thing" they can earn a ticket.  On Friday afternoons, I will pick tickets (usually about 6) and let the students who get their ticket picked, take a prize from the treasure chest.  This teaches students a "you have to be in it to win it" attitude and helps them to learn that you may not always "win it" so be happy for others.

Same concept as the ticket reward system except I generally find this method quicker.  You can be on the carpet in the middle of a lesson, notice one person doing the wrong thing and compliment someone doing the right thing as a way to reinforce positive behavior as opposed to paying attention to the negative behavior.  Now, sometimes this doesn't work - every once in a while you may get a student that doesn't care or know how to earn moving up the ladder.  For these particular students, you need to find small things to compliment them on.  As students with behavior problems begin to get acknowledged for their positives, they usually become more inclined to craving it and working hard for it.  I'm telling you, you have to try it!  It works like a charm.

This is what my behavior ladder looks like.

Can you tell that we obviously use it a lot?  The clips started off nicer in the beginning of the year. Everyone had a colored clip at first but every once in a while one will break ..

This is a freebie in my store... so go ahead, check it out, prepare it for next year, or even use it for the end of this year!

The Way I Use My Behavior Ladder

Every time a student is caught doing the right thing, they can move their name up the ladder.  Students can also move down the ladder for poor behavior.  If a student makes it to the top (super student), they can then get a prize from the treasure chest.  I have found that this helps level the playing field for all of my students.  Students that are good in class can be acknowledged for doing the right thing consistently, while the system also focuses on students that need the extra encouragement or firmness of the ladder.  This ladder is really effective in allowing students to reconsider their actions or to continue, being the positive role models that they are.

My treasure chest is actually purple so I'm not sure why the color is showing up differently! Anyways, treasure chest is a student favorite in my room!

Your Feedback

I have more tips and tricks to share with you in regards to behavior management.   Pinning, sharing, and commenting on this post will allow me to know if you want to hear more about classroom management!  

Also, I would love to hear which behavior management systems work for you.

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