Saturday, May 17, 2014

Before & After

Way back in August I spent hours setting up my classroom in what I felt was the perfect arrangement.  But, as time went on I moved things here and there.  Even though it is nearly time to close up my classroom, I thought I'd share some "Before" & "After" pictures of my "home away from home." 

Originally our Word Work Station ~ with a large table ~ this area has morphed into a small work area.  I have a couple little cuties who often take their work here so they can "concentrate."  :-)
I moved the large table in the space next to our computers to create a new Listening Station.  (I forgot to take a picture of it.)
My original Listening Station sat on a round table ~ not really the best arrangement.  It works so much better next to the computers.  I snagged this table from our Kinder workroom ~ it was really just a catch-all ~ so no one really misses it.  With the help of the custodian, I lowered the legs & now have a great Word Work Station! 

Before ~ top left, Mrs. S's table ~ next to my wonderful Word Work cabinet.  (Click HERE to see a better picture of it.) After ~ below left, Mrs. S's table is in the same spot, but now sits up against the leveled book cart.  Before ~ top right, our classroom library with the Word Work cabinet facing in.  After ~ below right, I switched the leveled book cart & Word Work cabinet.  It made sense to for the bins to face the Word Work Station.  Plus, the back of the cabinet gives the kiddos something to lean against when they are in the library!  (I should get some pillows...)
OK, sometimes I admit that my excitement in setting up a new classroom ends up in some odd arrangements.  It really worked in my head...  This was going to be a fun & engaging pocket chart center.  It was really a crowded space that no one ever used.  The big blue pocket chart was hanging on the wire shelves (standing on end), the other charts are on a tall rolly cart.  I like the new arrangement so much better.  Not only is it more usable, but the lower profile is much less visually cluttered.  I have four sets of trapezoid tables pushed together for student seating ~ I swapped out the round table from the old Listening Station and gained the two trapezoid tables (here & in the first picture).
The tables by the arrow are the ones I swapped for the round table from our old Listening Station.  I only needed to seat four students in this spot, so it works perfectly!
I hope you enjoyed reading my post ~ now, go and move some furniture around your classroom! :-)


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