Friday, May 9, 2014

Celebrate Good Times {Come On!}: Student Led Conferences

Hello there!  It's Tamra and Sarah from First Grade Buddies!

 We decided last year that we wanted our students to show off their hard work and discuss the learning that has taken place throughout the year with their families.  Thus…Student Led Conferences through a Learning Celebration were born!  We wanted to show you how it all works as we know teachers are always looking for new and different ways to help students and their families connect.  We send invitations (we offer 2 dates / times), prepare all of the materials (with the help of the kiddos), set our agenda, and practice with our students!  THEN… 

Here's how our Celebration happens:

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Last year we had many parents that appreciated the opportunity to see their student "shine!" The kiddos enjoyed the chance to show their hard work.  

Enjoy your weekend!  


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