Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Use T Charts in Math Class

Are you ready for some more more strategies for integrating math and reading?  It's Greg from Mr Elementary Math, and I am back with more ideas about how to incorporate reading and writing during math instruction.

Read about how to use T-charts in math class. This is a great strategy for compare and contrast, main idea and detail and note taking.

T-Charts are not just for the reading block!  They can be used during math class to help students visually organize their thoughts and ideas.   T-Charts are graphic organizers that are made up of two or more columns. T-Charts are very versatile, making it one of the more popular graphic organizers.    They can be used to take notes, compare ideas and list main ideas and details.

Use this 2 column T-Chart to get students to take notes in your class.

Since there are many different ways to use T-Charts, I wanted to focus on note taking. According to research by Robert Marzano, note-taking is one of the 9 instructional strategies for effective teaching and learning. This skill helps students with comprehension. When students take notes, they are forced to put the materials in their own words.   

This graphic organizer can be used when teaching any topic in the classroom.  Here are some examples of how T-Charts can be used in math class.

View this example of how to use a 2 column T-Chart for taking notes using main idea and detail.
Use a 2 column T-Chart for taking notes using main idea and detail.
View this example of how to use a 3 column T-Chart to compare and contrast math concepts.
Use a 3 column T-Chart to compare and contrast math concepts.

Here is a simple lesson cycle that can be used when introducing T-Charts in your classroom. Click on the image to get a printable copy.  If you are a primary teacher I would recommend creating and filling out a T-Chart on oversized chart paper or on an interactive whiteboard. 

Print this simple lesson plan to use when you first introduce t charts during your math class.

There are many benefits to using T-Charts during instruction. Check out some of the benefits below:

- A great tool for collecting and organizing thoughts
- Provides a model for visual learners
- A powerful note taking strategy
- Integration of writing, reading and math (main idea and detail, compare and contrast)
- This strategy can be used across content areas
- This strategy is effective in all grade levels

Click Here to Download the Free T-Chart Template
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