Thursday, January 31, 2019

Make Learning Fun This Winter!

What if there was just one thing standing between you and a fun winter filled with students happy about learning?

I know it seems hard to believe but hear me out…

Interesting lessons that are fun for you and students don’t just happen from a teacher’s manual on most occasions.
(Wouldn’t that be nice!)
You have to decide what you’re teaching, choose what needs differentiated, gather all the supplies, run the copies, and then prepare everything. Not to mention lining it up with all your standards. And the domino that starts it all is knowing what you’re going to teach. In other words, the path to instruction begins with a plan.
I'm going to share some ready made resources that will get me through the winter, and have my kids engaged in learning to get them (and me) out of the winter slump that usually comes with the last half of the year.

For my classroom personally, my students have benefitted from the hot chocolate blends game.

They choose the marshmellow that matches the picture in the cup, and write the blend and the word on the recording sheet! They ABSOLUTELY loved this center activity! And it gets them practicing their blends, much needed at this time of year!!

My second activity that I came across is the Word Work for January, but you can keep using it well into February! It focuses on 20 winter words, and teaches them by having fun games that reinforce the vocabulary. There are activities for the entire month! The games are so easy to use, and self explanatory.


The subtract the room game helped me reinforce math facts, while students got up and moved around, and most importantly, HAD FUN!! Post the cards all around the room, and students walk around with their recording sheet, and write the equation with the corresponding letter next to it, and solve it!

The activities shared above are part of a complete planning solution made up of 20 classroom resources, which are all winter themed, including Valentines Day, Groundhog Day, Black History Month, and more.
Each bundle contains classroom manipulatives to print and cut, games, puzzles, mini-books, assessments, decor, and ready-made lessons plans (and even slideshows!). No matter how you plan, there are multiple resources that are perfect for you and there are two buying options:

Option 1: Choose ONE bundle that is targeted close to your grade level: PK-2 or Grades 3-5.

Option 2: For less than the price of two separate bundles, get the ENTIRE package with about 2,000 pages of made-for-you lesson plans, so you’ve got total control no matter how your grade level and curriculum needs change from year to year for grades PK-5.
You really can have winter fun and learning at the same time in your classroom, starting today.
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