Saturday, May 31, 2014

Book Studies for the Summer

One of my favorite things about the summer is the ability to have time to read a few good books. Although, I typically read nonfiction I do try to break out a few suggested fiction titles. This summer I am super excited about a couple of book studies I am participating in with several of my blogging friends and thought I'd tell you in case you want to join in the fun.

The first book study I am participating is to read {"Teach Like a Pirate"}. The study begins June 2 as a Twitter discussion using the hashtag #tlap2014summerbook between 7:30-8:00 CST. This discussion will help prepare the participants for the first blog posts on June 8 hosted by Lisa Ann Tani our own Who's Who blogger from the blog Okinawan Girl on the topic of passion. Andrea Crawford of {Reading Toward the Stars} on Immersion and Krista Mahan of {Teaching Momster} on Rapport.

Another book study that I am planning is with Nancy from Teaching with Nancy as part of our Teacher Training Bootcamp series. We will share what we are learning about what students are doing during guided reading instruction. We will be taking a look at the {Daily 5} book. This study will take place closer to the end of July so I will post more later.

I've also found other book studies for teachers and have created a minilog of the results. I will continue to add to it as I find more studies to share. If you would like to learn more about these incredible book studies and join in on the fun head on over to my {blog} to take a look.

Enjoy your summer book studies!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reflecting on the school year~

Another school year is wrapping up and it's important to 'reflect' on our year.  What were your biggest successes? Challenges?  Student achievements? Personal achievements? I could go on...

As teachers, we seem to reflect on our students, our lessons, and even ourselves.  Last year, I had my students reflect on the school year.  I always do a 'Memory Book' where the students get to document their 'favorites' and have a special keepsake from their First Grade year, but I decided to have my students 'reflect' on different aspects of our school year.  It was such a fun activity that I expanded it and we did a 'Daily Reflection' for the last 10 days of school!  Each day, we reflected and shared and shared some more.  It was interesting to hear what my students remembered and cherished.  It also made me realize that most students 'remember' little things that we may not think are so important, but they are!

You can grab this Freebie in my TpT Store:  End of the Year Reflections
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To use this product, just print the Reflection prompt(s) you like and the reflection writing sheet (to photocopy).  Post a prompt on your board (as your boards are looking empty at the end of the year!).  Give each student a 'refection sheet' or you could just have students reflect on a sticky note and stick it next to the prompt!  Enjoy!

With the end of the school year, I hope you have time to reflect on your students and yourself as a teacher.  I think we can learn a lot about ourselves and our teaching.

Have a wonderful end to your school year!  Sue Lynch@TpT