Sunday, June 21, 2015

Motivate Reluctant Readers this Summer

Hi everyone! It's Michaela from Reading Royalty

Whether it's students in your class or your own children, we've all come across a reluctant reader. It seems like nothing will ever change their opinions on reading, making completing summer reading an extremely difficult and stressful topic for parents and teachers everywhere. Here are some tips that may help:

Make it a Game:

Who doesn't love a game? To help motivate reluctant readers, I've created a FREE reading BINGO board! Some kids thrive on competition - so make it a challenge! The challenges are silly, fun, and include reading a joke book with an accent or read a scary story with a flashlight.

Grab it for free in my TPT store!

Connect Books to Movies:

This is a huge motivator! So many amazing books are turned into movies. Read the books with your child and then watch the movie and talk about similarities and differences. I know that I LOVE to read books before I watch the movie and then compare. Talking about books is so much fun.. and you don't have to make a Venn diagram (it is Summer vacation after all!)

Read High Interest Books:

Sometimes reluctant readers just haven't found the right book yet! This has happened with a few of my students. They HATED reading.. but once they found that *one* book, they were hooked! That book is different for every child. Let them choose what they'd like to read, explore different authors, series, and genres. Expose them to graphic novels, joke books, short stories, poetry, etc. You never know what might finally pique their interest!

Share Your Love of Reading:

This is a really important part of showing children how important reading is to their lives, even as adults. Seeing other people read and share their positive feelings toward reading will help them foster their own love of reading. Whether it's the newspaper, a magazine, reading a book together, or reading aloud, nothing is too little! 

Thanks for reading!


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