Monday, June 22, 2015

Favorite Read Alouds!

Hi guys! It's Molly from Lucky to Be in First! I'm here today to share some of my favorite read alouds {and a freebie, too!}

First up, one of my closest friends in the world {Greta!} wrote a book along with her sisters and mom {isn't that the cutest?!} Well, her book is fantastic! It's a great story about being yourself.  Head on over to Amazon and get it! I'll wait here.  
Seriously...she sells her book on Amazon! Isn't that amazing?? They're actually creating an entire series of books! 

Another one of my faves stars little miss  Molly Lou Melon.  Again, this story is all about being yourself.  I love this goofy little gal! There's also a bunch more in the series now, too!
Now this next book, I can barely read aloud without cracking up! Have you read The Night I Follow the Dog? Its hysterical! Your kids are sure to love it, too! 
And here's my classic favorite book. I still get a little teary every time I read this one!
The good 'ol Giving Tree
I also love to show my students this video on YouTube - Shel Silverstein actually reads it!  
If you're looking to stretch those little minds a little further, click on the pic to grab this freebie! To use, simply ask the kids to roll a die and complete the activity that corresponds to the number they land on! 
Reading Response Freebie
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