Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Using Word Apps To Make Encouragement Posters

Anita Goodwin here from I Live to Learn I Love to Grow. One of my newest favorite apps to use is Typorama. It is a FREE app that you can use to add words to pictures. The only difference between the free and paid version is the removal of the watermark. There are so many different styles and choices of text to choose from the possibilities are endless. You can only use one photo but it is perfect for encouragement posters.  Phonto and Pic Collage for Kids are two other FREE apps that you could also use to make your posters. Keep reading to see how we came up with sayings for our posters.

We have been watching the new Growth Mindset Videos by Class Dojo  in class the last two weeks. If you have not checked them out they are awesome. My students absolutely love them. They have been begging to watch the new one for this week because we haven't had time yet. There is a thinking question at the end of each video that brought up some great discussions in our classroom. These quotes above were some of the things my students were saying in the discussions. I decided to write them down because they were so good. I thought it would be fun to make and print posters to hang around the room with their sayings and they loved making them. The directions were to take pictures of things that would represent the quotes using students in our classroom. As you can see from some of the final projects they turned out great. They were very creative with their photo shots. I told them to try to leave some space at the edge or side of their photo so they could type the words. The app Typorama is super easy to use. You open the app add your photo and double tap to type. Then tap any of the different styles of words at the bottom and watch your text change. I gave very little directions on the app and they finished creating their posters in minutes. 

I hope you have time to check out the Growth Mindset Videos from Class Dojo and some of the word apps I mentioned. Have fun creating Encouragement Posters in your classroom.


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