Sunday, February 21, 2016

Black History Month

Hello Readers!  I'm Marcie from Sunny and Bright in First Grade.  I wanted to pop in today to share a Black History Month freebie and a few quick ideas.

A couple of years ago I started spending a lot of time teaching my students about Veterans Day.  It surprised me how much my students loved this unit and how incredibly rewarding it felt to teach my little students about "Real Life Heroes".  (You can read about our Veterans Day unit HERE.)  This little unit quickly changed into a new yearlong theme and we spent the rest of the year learning about as many different heroes as possible.

In February we focus on Black History Month.  I like to spend the month of February highlighting the accomplishments of a huge variety of African Americans.  We spend a lot of time learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks.  I love talking with my young students about how one person's bravery can "change the world".  We spend a lot of time reading, writing and discussing these "heroes" and how their contributions touch our lives each day.  We use these stories as inspiration to imagine the ways that we might make a difference in our communities and our world. 
HERE is my Biography of Rosa Parks Freebie.  This is a "no-prep" lesson that includes an informational text written on 3 different levels of text and vocabulary complexity.  The differentiation is done for you!  All of your students will be able to learn the same information presented on their individual reading levels.  Text dependent, close reading questions are also included.  These make great writing prompts or can be used to inspire class conversations.

I hope your students enjoy learning about this "American hero"!


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