Monday, February 15, 2016

Organizational Tip and a Freebie!

Hello To All! I hope your Valentines Day was a wonderful time for you!  I don't know about you, but I love any organizational tip I can get to make my personal and teacher/professional life more consistent and productive.  Let's face it, we work hard as educators, and the more organized we are the more productive we are.  

Let's start with how to organize one aspect of your everyday life and that would be your computer at school and/or at home.  For a long time I have had a terrible time keeping my desktop clean and claimed that my desk was not a mess but uniquely organized.  Um, yeah, I now call that "denial"?  Here is what denial looks like and oh my goodness!  

OK, so I found myself on a mission to clean up and organize my Mac and all it's visual insanity.  I HAD to come up with a way to know what was what and what to do with all the CHAOS!

So, the idea I came up with was something that would work for me as a teacher, blogger, mother, grandmother, and TpT seller.  As if being a teacher wasn't a crazy enough life, right?  I like "change" and I like "organized" and I like "pretty", so I came up with a monthly/seasonal digital desktop organizer to meet all my needs for each month/season of the year.
Here is what is looks like but it is not personalized or with folders and labels just yet.  Are you ready for a freebie to keep you organized?  Of course you are!

Click for your Desktop Organizer Freebie

If you aren't sure which screen size to use for your desktop click here:

Hope your enjoy your new organizer and getting organized on your desktop.  Here's to being more productive!!!


  1. I'm glad to see that my desktop isn't the only crazy, unorganized one out there! I can't wait to try out your Desktop Organizer freebie. Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Sarah
    One Modern Teacher