Monday, February 8, 2016

The Best Parent Teacher Conference Ever

Are you looking to spice up your Parent/Teacher Conference?  I would like to share what works well for me!  

1.  Set up student work for parents to browse through while waiting.  I usually keep a writing portfolio of all my students final copies.  I set them out during conferences and then send it home at the end of the year.  Parents love it!

2.  Make sure your bulletin board is updated with student work.

3.  Place a sign in sheet on a podium or table outside your classroom. Make it look cute with flowers, a cup with pens, and even a table cloth over the podium.  This shows that you are welcoming and eases any parent fears.

4.  Include your students in the conference!  Whether they are physically there or you simply share their reflections, it is best to let the student lead the conference!  It takes so much of the blame away from the teacher.  Students take ownership of their learning and parents get to see what the students think about their learning.  It is a simple form that covers CLASS PERFORMANCE AND WORK HABITS, HOMEWORK PERFORMANCE AND STUDY HABITS,  BEHAVIOR, GRADES AND GOALS.  Most students are brutally honest and you don't have to be the one to let parents know about any difficulties.  If there is a discrepancy in your thoughts VS students thoughts, it is easy to explain.  Usually you are telling the parent that the student was hard on himself and you would have rated them higher.  For a short time, I will have this form free for visiting this awesome Who's Who Blog!  Click below to grab it!

I hope these ideas help you with a happy conference experience.  If you don't get to grab the freebie in time, you are welcome to copy the ideas from it!  


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