Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Using Grammar Notebooks In Kindergarten

HEY School Peeps!  
It’s Kimberly from Loving Kinders!

Today I wanted to take a minute to talk about~

This summer I thought to myself…
I can’t take another year of dittos trying to teach grammar.
How can I merge my grammar skills into a workable portfolio?

DONE. Right?

Back Peddle.
Now, it wasn’t cake by any means.  I know how incredibly hard interactive math notebooks were for my classroom. Although I did have FAITH and possibly a margarita during this thought!
By creating a grammar notebook, I would have a place that could:
1Track Data
2Show student growth or lack thereof
3 Help me maintain curriculum 


Ok enough chatter.  Let's begin.
I promise you.  Modeling saves the world.  I think it is a proven fact, somewhere.

Obviously, you can do any sort of activities.  Duh.  This is just my notebook but whatever you decide to do, don't forget to REVIEW!  Review the alphabet, did you hear me?  Do not assume that they know all of the letters or sounds. Really?  Some barely know their name.

 Another tip I can't stress enough, is to differentiate and challenge your students.  Kinders are ALL over the board!  Some can't identify their letters let alone their own names while others need more challenging work. You can work with nouns, verbs, word families.  There are endless possibilities.  

If you are interested, I placed my notebooks at the bottom.  Other than that.. 

KEEP on NOTEBOOKING! (is that a word?)

Until Next time lovies.


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