Tuesday, September 22, 2015

All About Me Draw & Write!

We are 11 days into school in my neck of the woods!
The kids are settling in quite happily.
We did an adorable art and writing project that I am a little in love with.
These portraits and writing were just enough hard work for my newbies. 
It kept them engaged, but it wasn't so hard that they were struggling. 
We like to keep the struggling to a minimum fresh out of the gate! 
 First, we did a simple directed drawing of our faces.
I gave them simple steps for a face and we did it step by step together- all in pencil.
When we did the hair I drew a few styles on the board for them to choose.
Next, they went over every pencil line with a Sharpie.
A Sharpie alone is like handing a first grader a piece of real gold! 
Then, I gave some specific instruction on how they 
should be coloring and trying to fill in all the white space.
Lastly, they colored everything in. 
They also had to do the background in one color of their choosing. 
Blue was very popular this day! 

Finally, they filled in an adorable recording sheet all about them! 
You can grab the sheet for free HERE!
Although we did this as a start of school activity you can really do this any time of year!! 
Kids always love to write about themselves!
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I have lots of fall goodness planned on my little corner of the web! 


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