Sunday, September 6, 2015

Motivating Students to Read: Monthly Book Tally Freebie

Hi!  It is Amanda and Aylin from Learning to the Core here today to share something that we use in our classrooms.  

Sometimes all it takes is a friendly little competition to spark some student motivation!  I mean, competition gets adults going so why not use this with students as well?!?  This year in first grade that is just what we are doing to help encourage our students to read (and be excited about stories) each and every day!

My team partner and I each have these posted in our classroom. With each story we read aloud in class, our star student,  makes a tally mark on the page below in our own separate classrooms.

We only had about a week in August but we were able to do a lot of read alouds these first few days of school-which I absolutely love! 

Then, at the end of the month we tally them up for our total and post it on our doors!  This is a display by Teacher Created Resources and can be found by clicking here

It is a fun easy way to encourage students to read.  Although we are the ones doing the reading right now-at some point the competition might change to have students do more of the reading.  Right now, I am loving how excited my first graders get to add another tally to our chart because we read a book!  As we are approaching the middle of September, my students are saying, "When can we read another book?" Simply because they want to beat our "August Score."  I can only imagine the math activities too we will be able to do with this information later in the school year!  

Grab your copy of the "Monthly Book Challenge"  by click here or the picture below.  


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