Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Keeping Kids Engaged This Fall {Plus a FREEBIE!}

Happy First Day of FALL!!! 

It's Allison from Stuckey in Second and I love ALL THINGS FALL.  I want to share some ways that I'm keeping my kids engaged this time of the year. (Especially my boys!) I hate to admit that this early in the school year, I'm already trying to keep them entertained....but, we all know the reality. I'm grasping at anything to keep these kids entertained and engaged! Same skills in many different ways and novelty works! 

I didn't think I'd pull out my fall math games until October, but I had to go through them and introduce any "fall" games that they could do right now because we needed a change in math games during our station rotations. It's important to keep these games fresh and relevant to make sure that your math stations/rotations go smoothly! I'm sure you know, you always have to be on top of your "game."

My students love all of these fall themed games, especially the ones that require a partner! I keep all of my games in laminated envelopes and teach the kids how to put all of the pieces back in place (and RIGHT SIDE UP!) so pieces aren't lost. 

Last week, while watching my students complete these math stations, I thought to myself that the kids sure would like some football games! So, I started planning and thinking about what my 2nd graders need help with in math and I came up with a new set of football themed games. I introduced them today and the kids were so excited!

Another way that I've been keeping my kids engaged at this time of the year is by purchasing these blocks from Target's dollar spot after seeing several teacher bloggers' ideas on Facebook and Pinterest. I made a few different sets with blends and with CVC words. My lowest reading group is very difficult to engage and keep on task, especially because we are working on such low level things. Well, I can tell you that this group was HIGHLY engaged when I introduced these "Legos" to them. They couldn't get enough!!! I do think that I need to rewrite the letters with a Sharpie again and go over it with clear nail polish though. The marker started to wear off pretty fast! 

Last, but not least, I'd like to share two freebies from my store. I think you'll find these engaging for your kids this fall!

If you are interested in the FALL and FOOTBALL math games/centers that I mentioned above, click below to add them to your TPT wishlist! Just remember, to keep your kids engaged this fall, add some fun and novelty type items. It can be the same skills they were working on before, but if you add a little picture or hands-on activity, it will keep you sane too! :) Good luck!



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