Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Simple Way to Help Students Create Their Own Writing

Do your students struggle in creating their own poems and stories?  I can't tell you how many times my students try to write EXACTLY what I modeled for them.  Writing is difficult for most students and in the elementary grades it can be quite challenging.  The best teachers will instruct students on how to write a particular type of poem or story by doing a song and dance, and showing a bajillion examples only to find some students wanting to copy right from the example instead of creating their own.  So what has helped me?

Provide students with word lists!
Yes, supply your students with words to help them brainstorm.  Of course you can brainstorm as a class, but if you are crunched for time, give it to them and let them get writing!  Or use a list already created to help brainstorm even further.  I know you are probably thinking, duh, everyone does this, but believe it or not, I've been in classes that it doesn't occur.  As a young teacher, I used to think that if I gave them words, they weren't being creative.  That is not the case!  It simply gives them the boost they need to get the pencil moving!  I have been pleasantly surprised over and over again.  Now, as a veteran teacher, I always supply them with WORD LISTS with writing assignments!  This doesn't mean I allow them to copy my modeled examples or any other examples.  NO WAY!  It just means they now have the resources they need to be creative on their own.  WORDS WORDS WORDS!
Everyone gets writers block!  
Although my family says I can talk to a wall, I often get writers block too!  No lie!  A cute idea, is to give students WRITER'S BLOCK SIGNS while writing.   If they need help, they can raise up their sign!  Have you ever looked around the room and saw everyone's hand up?  Don't let panic mode set in, make it a learning experience.  I might go over to a student's seat and say things like, "Hey class, I am searching for a word that rhymes with ring."  Many suggestions are called out.  Or, "Hey class, look around the room.  If you see someone with a sign up, help them find a word they need, ready go!"  I don't let it last long.  Just a quick way to get some more words "Unblocked."  Classmates are always willing to help!

These cute little signs come in 4-packs at Michaels.  Use chalk to write different messages on them.  Place them at writing center or have one for each student during your writing time!

Writer's Block Soap?

I saw this in Whiskey River Soap Co. and was cracking up so I had to post!

Monthly Word Lists
I realize there are word lists for everything, but I started Monthly Word Lists that especially help when writing poetry.  I like to teach at least one poem a month so the word lists come in handy!  Click below for MONTHLY WORD LISTS!  The first three months are free!

I hope this will help you remember to give your students word lists in the future!  Enjoy the freebies!


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Thanks again Hilary for the opportunity to post on this amazing blog!  The content on here is incredible and there are so many talented teachers offering their expertise!


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