Saturday, February 21, 2015

Playing Uno During Math Small Group

Hi y'all! I'm  Francheryl from Primary Essentials.  I'm so excited to be apart of Who's Who and Who's New.  I teach K-5 math and reading intervention in the great state of Texas.

I use Uno cards to play games with many of my intervention groups, but rarely do we ever actually play Uno except in Kindergarten!  I use this game to practice number recognition for numbers 0-9.

You would be surprised the excitement this little deck of cards can bring your way!  I always have everyone's attention.  I remove all the special cards (like +2, reverse, skip, draw four, etc)  except the regular wild card.  You will need some way to change the color. 

I'm usually a player in the game with the students and I facilitate and keep the game moving.  I have the students lay their cards flat on the floor or table in front of them.  This way I can easily help my students make a decision on weather to play or pull a card from the deck.

We play the game the tradition way matching either the number or color.  The biggest difference is the students must say the number they are playing as they lay it on the discard pile.  Wild cards are used to change the color.  I usually help them pick a color to change it to, because they will pick the color they like most rather than a color that will help them play.  I don't require them to say Uno when they get down to one card either.  They person that gets rid of all their cards first wins that round!  It's pretty simple and they LOVE to play!  Who says you can't play Uno at school???  Next time I'll share other ways I use card games like Uno and Skipbo in my intervention groups!  Feel free to hop over and check out my blog or TPT store.

Well that's all I got!  I'll see you around the blogging world.


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