Sunday, February 1, 2015

Classroom Pets that Tweet

Happy Saturday Sunday!  I hope you're relaxing, enjoying a cup of hot coffee and 
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I'm Deniece from This Little Piggy Reads.
I am always looking for ways to increase student engagement.  Today, I am sharing a great idea that my genius teammate uses to increase student engagement.  Don't worry, I asked her permission to take the pics and share her genius idea!  

This pretty much sums up her idea.
  1. Get a classroom pet
  2. Let your students tweet as if they are the classroom pet.
  3. Don't forget to feed the pet!
My teammate has a Leopard Gecko named Sam.  
She's a hit with the kids!  Sam never comes out of her cage due to poisonous secretions.  
During holidays my teammate takes her home.    

You and/or your class could choose any class pet.  
In fact, a stuffed animal mascot would work just fine. 

Next, you need to make a twitter account for your class pet.
My teammate sent home a note to parents explaining that 
although the class has a twitter account, no students would be actively tweeting.  
All tweeting would be from Sam's perspective.  

Depending on the age of your students, you might have to teach them about perspective and how to write in 1st person.  I should warn you...this might take little longer 
than you think.  Don't worry, they will catch on.  

My teammate has her students write reflections each day
that they come to our enrichment class.  
If you have a general education classroom, you might 
have your students do this at the end of the week.

You're going to want to display these tweets so students, 
teachers and administrators can see them.
My teammate posted this eye catching bulletin board just outside her door. 

This is my teammate's twitter page.
If you'd like to check it out, follow her class @Samthegecko.

I've never had a class pet.  Mainly because I saw it as a distraction, but my teammate has completely incorporated Sam into her classroom & the kids are fascinated by her.  After the initial week of "ooh's and ahh's", the kids just think she's part of the class.  If you need something after Spring Break to get your kiddos engaged in learning again, this might be just the right thing for you!!  If a live pet doesn't work...get a huge overstuffed animal on clearance after Valentine's Day!!    

Have you ever had a class pet?  Or do you currently have one?  
Until next time, I wish you Happy Blogging Adventures! 



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