Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 Ways for Students to Celebrate Read Across America Week!

Hi there!  Danielle from Crayonbox Learning here!   I am happy to be a part of the Who's Who and Who's New Blog.   Today I am going to share with you some ideas for celebrating "Read Across America" which is March 2nd.

1. Bring a Book to School Day:  Encourage students to bring their favorite book to school on a designated day.  During group time, students can take turns talking about the book they brought, and why it's their favorite.

2.  Dress up Day:  Schedule  a dress up day where students (and teachers) will dress up as their favorite story book character.  A group game may be played where students have to guess each other's story book characters.

3.  Book Graphing: As a class, graph the number of books that the students have read so far during the school year (or other designated time)  Graphing can be done for page count, subject, and also titles of books.   Younger students could graph the number of books that have animal or people characters. Older students could graph the genre of books.

4.  Writing Journal Project:  Students write about their favorite story book character, or write a letter is if they were their favorite story book character. (Author Writing Sheet Freebie here)

5.  Making Books: Students can make their own books using folded construction paper, and lined/unlined paper stapled at the fold.  The Dollar Tree often has small (3 x 5) photo albums or tablets that can be made into books.  As a class projects, students will write their own book and then share their story with their classmates.  The project can be adjusted depending on the age and ability of the students.

I hope that you enjoy these ideas.  There are many more on Pinterest.  I have created a special board just for Read Across America ideas here.


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