Monday, February 16, 2015

Learning Mats- Tens and Ones

Hi I am Abbie from Tales From The First Grade!  

I have always struggled with math small groups.  Where to start, staying focused, having a complete meaningful lesson.  In an attempt to better myself, my lesson planning, and most importantly my students I starting working on an interactive learning mat.  The mat focuses on the standards we are working on that month/week, depending on the rigor of the standard.   I incorporated basic math skills we work on all year.  After using the mat for the first time, I was hooked!  The lesson went smoothly, students were having ah ha moments, and I felt SUCCESSFUL!  Isn't that the best when you walk away knowing you did your best and it worked!  Here is an overview on how it works and the lesson I taught!

I use 5mil laminate.  The students can write and wipe right off!  

 One of the biggest struggles for my students is understanding 1 ten can equal 10 ones.  

 Organized kids are successful kids!  I like the students to keep their materials in neat organized piles.  The designated area really helps with keeping students organized. 

While teaching small groups I have a focus student.  The student is usually the one I need to progress monitor.  On top of progress monitoring, I usually spend a little more time on the main skill taught.  While I am working with that child the rest turn their mat over and complete the 100's chart activities and fact families.  I love how they are focused on foundational math skills and are able to stay engaged while I get some great one on one time with my focus buddy. 

So here is how the lesson goes!

 I give the students a number!  They then count out tens and ones to make the number

After they have counted the number out we talk about how many tens and how many ones.  We write it in expanded form and on the tens and ones table. 

Next we practice exchanging a ten for ten ones and determining the new amount of tens and ones.  We document the change on our tens and ones table. 

After a few numbers, I have the students turn over their sheets and work through math review while I work with a focus student!

I love that smile!!!

I hope this gives you some great ideas for math small groups!

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