Monday, November 24, 2014

Last Minute Ideas for Thanksgiving Week

Are you scrambling for ideas to do this week when you and your class are just really ready for a break? I have a few simple activities that won't take much planning to throw in centers or do during a Thanksgiving celebration. 

Grab these 3 FREE writing prompts to have your students. The "How to Cook a Turkey" prompt always turns out so cute no matter what grade level you teach. 
 I have some very detailed and gruesome writers! :)
Grab some construction paper, crayons, and sentence strips and you can make Native American headbands! I made this educational by having them make a pattern design on their headband. We also talked about Native American symbols and why they used them. History and math in one!
You can also grab this FREEBIE from my friend over at Mrs. Thompson's Treasures. My kids love doing her mystery pictures. 
I hope these simple and free ideas can help you get through this short week. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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