Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Hi Everyone!  Are you looking to add some fun into your math lessons?  I love to have my students do hands on activities to master their math facts.  Making math fun helps my students to become Math Smarties. Want to make math more exciting for your young learners?  Keep Reading!

First up is my Part Part Whole Pack.  For this pack students learn how two part numbers make a whole number.  These puzzles really build their math thinking as they build the puzzles.
You can download my Part Part Whole Puzzle Sampler Pack here.  Love it?  You can purchase the whole pack by clicking here.

Next up is my Tens and Ones Puzzles....for these puzzles students match two part puzzles - one part with tens and ones and the other part with the number.  These puzzles are sure to make this math standard fun!
Click here to view the pack in my store.

One Greater Than Less Than, Equal To Puzzles.  Students match puzzles with tens and ones pictures with the right sign.
Click here to view this pack.
Check out my TPT "store" for more products, too! 


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