Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comprehension with Kinders & a FREEBIE!

Hi everyone!  It's Debbie from K is for Kinderrific!

Comprehension is a tricky thing to teach in any grade.  In Kindergarten, it is even more difficult.  Our students are just beginning to recognize letters, sounds, and words.  How in the world can we teach them about comprehension at the same time?


Kids need to hear stories being read to them every day.  More than once a day, if you can find the time!!  During reading, ask students questions about the pictures, the characters, and the ideas presented.  Have them predict what might happen on the next page or have them discuss what they would do in certain situations.  After reading, ask students about the main idea of the story.  Ask them about the problems that occurred and how they were solved.  Higher level questions such as how and why will only help increase students' comprehension of the story.  

Can Comprehension Be Fun??

Of course!!

I've created a forever FREEBIE that I think might help your students practice their reading comprehension skills.  It might also be fun for them….and anytime you can combine fun and learning, it's a win-win, right??  

This is a set of 26 comprehension puzzles.  There is one for puzzle card for each letter of the alphabet.  Simply print, laminate and cut apart.  Students will read each card and find the picture that matches the sentence.  Students will be practicing basic reading skills….and their reading comprehension skills!!

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