Friday, July 25, 2014

Why didn't I think of that???

Hi everyone!  It's Debbie from K is for Kinderrific.  I know some of you just started your summer break a few weeks ago....while others may be getting ready to go back as we speak.  My first day of school will be August 4th so I'm starting to prepare myself to get in 'back to school' mode!!

Have you been on Pinterest lately?  Ha ha that's a rhetorical question.  If you're a teacher, of course you've been on Pinterest, right?!?!  :-)  I love looking at tips, ideas, and ways to make my life easier.  Over the past several weeks, I've found lots of neat things and most of them have had me shaking my head and saying "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?????"  LOL

Take a look at some of the tips I've found!  Just click on the picture to go to Pinterest & read more!

1.  Use sticky hooks to create a portable word wall.  
Most of us have word walls in our classrooms.  But how many of us have portable word walls? Not me....well, not yet!  I think this is such a great idea because it makes the word wall a tool and not just something kids look at on the wall.  Having the words on rings, allows students to take them back to their seat and use them in their writing as needed.   

2.  Tape + ribbon = bookmark for notebooks & journals.
How simple is this???  For years I taught my Kinders how to flip through each page in their notebook  until they come to the first empty one.  I'm pretty sure this bookmark idea would have made my life (and theirs LOL) a whole lot easier!

3.  Have parents write their address on an envelope at registration or orientation.  
Then send a note home during the first week of school to each student.  How excited would they be to get that in the mail???  I love this idea and it would save you from having to write all those addresses yourself!

4.  Create a 4 pocket folder!
Combine a 2 pocket pronged folder with a 2 pocket folder (with no prongs).  Simply fold the 2nd folder inside out and hole punch the open edge of the folder.  Then fasten it into the pronged folder as shown.  Easy Peasy!

5.  Use colored dots on desks.
If your desks are grouped, then this tip is for you!  When you need someone from each group to do something....just call for a colored dot.  Example:  green dots collect the papers from your group or pink dots come pick up snack for your group.  The possibilities are endless.  

6.  Take pictures of anchor charts before you take them down.  
If your room is like mine, there's not enough room to leave every anchor chart hanging around the room all year.  But wouldn't it be nice if students could still access the information??  Problem solved!  Take a pic of the anchor chart, then file it in the corresponding folder as shown above.  Then students can grab one whenever they need a refresher!  

7.  Make a sturdy, small envelope from a plain folder.  
With a little cutting and some velcro, you can make an envelope to store all sorts of things!  I'm thinking about making some for my students to keep their sight words and vocabulary word cards in.  Click on the picture and follow the pin to get more directions and pictures.  

8.  Use fabric and elastic to make a lock cover for your door.  
Fits over both door knobs and will allow the door to close without locking.  If you need to lock your door for an emergency, simply unhook the elastic from one side and shut the door.  No more fumbling for keys!!  You can buy them pre-made online, but if you're handy with sewing you could definitely whip up your own.

9.  Make a birthday cape!
Students would LOVE getting to wear a birthday cape on their birthday!! 
 I'm not handy with sewing, but I bet this could be created pretty easily!

10.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
Ok so this one's not really a tip LOL.....but man oh cute is this????  

I know that when school starts back, I won't have as much time to browse all my favorite Pinterest boards.  But right now, I'm just enjoying my last few days of summer break and finding lots of neat ideas for my classroom!

I hope you've gotten a few ideas for your classroom!  
If you need more, you know where to find them! ;-)



  1. The birthday cape would cause quite a bit of excitement even in ninth grade! GREAT idea!

    1. So true!!! Everyone loves wearing a cape! :-)

  2. Great post with some terrific ideas for Back to School!
    Deb at Fabulously First

  3. Lots of fantastic ideas. Especially like taking the picture of the anchor charts and putting them in the folder by subject. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Luv My Kinders

  4. Great but simple ideas. I'll definitely be trying the dots on the desks and the ribbon bookmarks this year.
    A Rill Classroom