Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quick & Easy Alphabet Activities

 Hello Everyone! This is Crystal McGinnis from Mrs. McGinnis' Little Zizzers. The beginning of school is quickly approaching, and as a kindergarten teacher I know that my main focus those first few months of school will be the alphabet. For the first few months of school, I keep an alphabet center in my classroom. This is a literacy center where students will focus on letter identification, letter matching, letter sounds, and letter formation. I am always looking for extra (QUICK AND EASY) activities to include in my alphabet center. Here are a few that I will begin the school year with.
Alphabet Sea Shell Hunt 
Write the alphabet on sea shells. Bury the shells in sand. (If you do not have a sand table, you can put your sand in a plastic tub.) Students find the shells and place them in order from A to Z.
Alphabet Cup Stacking

Write the alphabet on small plastic bathroom cups with a sharpie marker. Students practice matching the upper and lowercase letters. When they are done, they can participate in cup stacking.
Alphabet White Board Practice

Students pick a letter of the alphabet out of a tub. Students write the upper or lowercase match on a white board. They erase, and then do it again. I always provide a copy of the alphabet in my alphabet center for students to use as a guide.
 (You can see these by clicking the link)
Provide these alphabet strips that have been laminated and attached by a book ring. Students practice their alphabet formation one letter at a time using an expo marker. I provide baby wipes for my students to use as a quick eraser.
Calculator Tape Alphabet Writing
Provide rolled calculator tape and let students rainbow write their alphabet. Students write each letter in a different color. My students love writing on the calculator tape.
Alphabet Practice With Dot Markers
Students draw a capital letter out of a basket. Students use a dot marker to dot the lowercase match. 
(You can see these by clicking the link)
Send home this necklace with the new letter that was introduced that day. This will let parents and others know what your letter of the week is.
(You can see these by clicking the link)
Create alphabet headbands. Students cut out pictures that begin with the letter that you are focused on and glue them to the headband. Students then color and wear these home.
(You can see these by clicking the link)
 Students identify pictures that begin with a certain letter and glue them to the letter. Simple as that!
(You can see these by clicking the link)
Introduce the students to the letter of the week using these alphabet activity books. Students complete multiple activities including highlighting, drawing, rainbow writing, and identifying beginning sounds with pictures etc.
I hope that you can use some of these alphabet activities in your classroom. You can get most of these alphabet activities and more in my TPT store by clicking here.


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