Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creating a Classroom Theme

Are you trying to get ready for the beginning of the year and can't decide if you should do a classroom theme? I know there has been an article going around about whether classroom themes are distracting and that classroom don't necessarily have to be "cute". I LOVE having a classroom theme. In my opinion, having the same colors throughout the room really unifies the space and makes everything flow. I used to hate how one bulletin board would have apples, the next was numbers, etc. I changed bulletin boards and decorations monthly to go along with holidays. Having a classroom themes saves me time because I'm no longer switching everything out. I keep the bulletin boards and decorations the same all year. 

My classroom is decorated with polka dots and in black with bright color accents (hot pink, purple, bright blue, lime green). My kids know me as the "polka dot room". One kindergartener got lost the 2nd day of school and when another teacher asked her who her teacher was, the little girl said "I don't know, but I'm in the polka dot room":) She found us! 

My Classroom

The view when you walk in
The kids are holding cupcakes with the day of their birthday on it. I love having this visual of when their birthdays are. My students enjoy seeing who shares their birthday month or whose birthday is coming up soon.
I attach circles to popsicle sticks and then put them into these library pockets. They are easy to take in and out whenever I need to change my job helpers. 
You can't tell, but the name cards are velcroed to a piece of construction paper. I just move their names down to the next center at the end of each day. {click the picture to see these literacy and math center cards}
My word wall is interactive, and the kids really liked using it! I simply attach the words to the ribbon with paper clips.
Love using this idea to easily move kids clips from one ribbon to the other if they change their dismissal for the day. I'll also attach he note to their clothespin so I have a big reminder of it when I walk out the door.

These can be found in my Polka Dot Themed classroom packet, which has over 150 pages of materials to help you get your room ready. 
Not a fan of polka dots? No problem! I have 13 different classroom themes. Click the picture to see all of them. 

What are your thoughts on classroom themes? Do you use a theme?


  1. I love your classroom!! It's so big & it looks very inviting. I wish we could hang fun decorations from the ceiling!

    1. Thanks! I love the pom poms! They add such a pop of colors! We have to have them 18" from the ceiling, but other than that we can hang anything.

  2. I love having a theme in my room and always get compliments. One of my colleagues told me that before she brought a substitute teacher in my room she stop at the door and said, "Are you ready to walk into Martha Stewarts room?" I laughed at that. My color theme is turquoise, lime green, black with a hint of pink. I incorporate lots of dots, stripes, and chevron!!! Your room looks fabulous by the way :)

    1. Thank you! Your room sounds adorable!! I love your color scheme. I feel that we are there so much, I want it to have a homey feel instead of a classroom feel.

  3. You are so blessed to have such a big classroom! Love the way you have it decorated!!

    1. Thanks Pam. I do love having a big space!

  4. What a cute room! I love the story of your sweet little student searching for "the polka dot room" :) I teach 5th grade have a travel/adventure theme. I love it - and so do my "big kids." It's fun, engaging, and so easy to implement activities across the subjects.

    If anyone is interested in seeing it, I have a blog post about it here:
    A Travel-themed Classroom

    Joy in the Journey