Monday, July 28, 2014

Back To School Blues

Well, its that time again. We are seeing signs everywhere informing us that our summer is coming to an end. For my blog post this month I've decided to spread a little hummer to all those teachers who are experiencing the "Back to School Blues" like I am. I can't think of a better way to convey my conflicting emotions of returning to school than with a serious of reaction gifs. Hopefully some of these will give you a little chuckle while we watch our summer come to an end. 

Quick Reference:
MRW = My Reaction When
HIFW = How I Feel When
MFW = My Face Ween 

MRW I see BTS sales when i'm trying to find a nice summer dress for a wedding
 photo gaaaah_zpsb99bb8d5.gif

MRW when I walk into my classroom to see that it is completely moved around and I cant find anything.
 photo head-spin_zps89c15707.gif

HIFW all my recommendations on are all office supplies and toys (especially since I dont have kids)
 photo mad-at-theinternet_zps8394e313.gif

HIFW my Erin Condren Life Planner arrives, it is super cute, and my fiancee does not appreciate its amazingness.
 photo tumblr_n35fr14IxQ1tw1vhco1_250_zps8a5fcded.gif

The Preschool teacher warning me about the new kids coming into kindergarten. 
 photo bA9VvzI_zps76bda935.gif

MFW a parent tells me they wish they could have me as their child's teacher again this year.
 photo jXAvKuB_zps31c84b06.gif

MRW my fiancee interrupts my morning routine of coffee and watching the news by telling me that I only have a few more days left of these lazy mornings. 
 photo 38rsn6h_zps3723fca9.gif

HIFW as an adult, I get to go back to school clothing shopping.
 photo brubalL_zps94a14ed7.gif

MRW I get too invested in choosing children books to read this year.
 photo LFSXHif_zps1d966a13.gif

MRW my aid finishes one of my BTS bulletin boards and it's incredible! 
 photo ltkjJwv_zps48e51332.gif

MRW sitting in a meeting and the administration discusses changes for the new year. 
 photo kJsiEut_zps77771997.gif

My expectations of the first day of school with my new kindergarteners. 
 photo HQzHLzx_zpsa988e837.gif

MRW I spend an exuberant amount on items to make my room cute for this year at Lakeshore
 photo BTUvZze_zps8103c178.gif

MRW even though we have a stressful roller coaster of emotions job as teachers, I am doing what I love - making a difference. 
 photo FFdTxvL_zps1f075805.gif

Well I hope this help cheer some of those teachers up who are having the "Back to School Blues" like I am this summer. 


  1. Thanks Marlie! I needed this. Only one more week off for me in Missouri.