Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Literacy Bags: {Centers and Common Core Meet!}

Hello there!  It's Tamra and Sarah from First Grade Buddies!  As teachers, we know the importance of small group instruction during our Language Arts block.  But we also know how hard it is to manage the classroom during this time…what are the other kiddos doing?  We wanted to share with you our solution to this problem!  

In addition to using Daily 5 in our classroom, we knew we needed a system that…

1.  required very little prep (we were tired of changing centers every week)
2.  required very little printing (especially in color)
3.  required less teacher help and interruptions to answer "what do I do" questions
4.  allowed for independent practice of rigorous CC standards

We've been using a system that did just that for Math (Math Bags) but wanted a similar set up for Language Arts.  


Grab a FREEBIE Sample Here!!

To read more about MATH BAGS, CLICK HERE!

Have a great Beginning of Year! 


  1. I love this idea, and I just bought the math (which by the way are going to be AWESOME!). BUT, I can't figure out how to work these in with my already set-up Daily 5-type centers. How do you plan to integrate them?