Thursday, June 11, 2020

Summer Fun With a Digital Escape Room

Kids love playing escape room games. So do I! This digital escape room is a great way to wrap up the school year or use it on some of those rainy days. 

Breaking Into Summer is an escape room loaded with puzzles for students to celebrate heading into summer in an engaging, and interactive way. Students must solve 6 clues to unlock the codes that will help them 'break into summer'. 

How does it work?
Students begin on a webpage with the scenario. They follow the directions given in the underlined letters. They are then taken to the digital escape room. Students click the start button for the first lock and the first clue. There are six clues and locks in all.

Clues include

  • solve a maze and use the letters for a code word
  • find the hidden words for a code word
  • solve a jigsaw puzzle for a secret number code
  • total the Scrabble tiles for a number code
  • play a memory game for a scrambled sentence code
  • watch the blinking lights for a sentence code

Check out this video for a preview:

This escape room should take your students approximately 30-45 minutes to complete, depending on student ability levels. A time limit may be given, but this can cause stress so determine what is best for your class. Some of the benefits of kids using these in teams are:

  • Develops teamwork and collaboration
  • Builds critical thinking skills
  • Promotes problem-solving skills
  • Promotes communication
  • Paperless and No Prep
  • Reinforces concepts
  • Engaging and fun!

Click here to get started breaking into summer!


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