Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Experimenting with Apples

It's science fair time again and we have been working on our project.  We used the scientific method to guide our experiment.

We began by talking about our problem.

Then we formulated a question.

And a hypothesis.

Next, we each made a prediction.

Then we conducted our experiment.

I prepped by dividing paper plates into 4 parts and adding the names of the liquids.

Then we dipped the apple slices into either soda, milk, lemon juice, or water and placed them on the plates.

Then came the hard part for my Kinders ... waiting!

We waited an hour and then observed the apple slices.

The differences between all of the slices was very subtle, but we did find that dipping an apple slice in lemon juice slowed down the browning process.

We recorded our results on this sheet.

Here is our display board, all ready for the Science Fair!


  1. Great idea, do you have the recording sheet available?

  2. I love this! Where can i find the data recording sheet?


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