Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Are You Game? Mastering Multiplication Facts with Games!

Hi Everyone,
It’s Teresa here from
Fun Games 4 Learning. As you can guess from my blog name and also my
TpT store, I am all about games.

I love using games in the classroom especially for math!

It is wonderful to see kids so enthusiastic about a game that they don’t even realize that they are learning and applying math skills

Today I would like to share some of my
favorite games that I use for reinforcing multiplication facts.

As children play it is amazing how quickly they develop an instant recall of their basic facts. My favorite games are those that are quick and easy to prepare and quick and easy to play. The first one I have to share with you is a game that I call Find It First.

Find It First is a simple game that can be used to practice many different skills. It is a quick game for 2 players. Once the first round is over, 2 new players can take their place.

the board or a piece of card write the answers to the facts that are to be studied. For example, to study multiplication facts for 7 write the answers randomly over the board or card. I then add a few random numbers also. I like to use a small whiteboard.

Make sure the numbers are where the children can reach them with a pointer or a ruler. The two players then stand either side of the numbers. The caller or the teacher calls a number fact, e.g. 4x7. The first player to find the answer and point to it scores a point. When we play it in the classroom, the first player to score 3 points is the winner. After that we choose two new players.

The kids really love this fast paced game.
Another favorite for basic facts is a simple domino game.

This is a game for 2 players. All of the dominoes are placed face down in the centre. Both players pick up a domino at the same time. Each player multiplies the numbers on their domino and the player with the highest answer keeps both dominoes. If both players have the same answer, each keeps a domino. The winner is the player with the most dominoes when all dominoes have been used.

This game ticks all of the boxes - the kids love it, it is simple to play and all you need is a set of dominoes!

I also have many printable games that can be used for multiplication facts.

These no prep games are really popular with the kids and also the teachers. Many teachers use them for homework and have the parents play the games with their children. All the kids need are pencils and some games require dice.

The games are ideal as a math center or as an activity for fast finishers.

There are some freebie games for you to try at . 

There is a larger collection of 26 no prep multiplication games available at

You will find that the games are differentiated so that you can have some children working on times 2 facts while others are challenged by harder facts.
In these games the 2 players compete to either make the longest line or to make four in a row. There are also games where players have to find a line of 3 numbers that can create a multiplication family, e.g. 9, 4 and 36. I love the challenge of this game as it really does make the kids think and apply their facts.

Well Happy Multiplying! I hope you and the kids enjoy these games!

Till next time!


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