Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Turkey Carle-ages!

That's right!  Turkey Carle-ages (or turkey collages - Eric Carle style)!

I came across this fabulous website - - and was inspired by the wonderful art projects I saw there using painted paper.  This technique reminds me of the art of Eric Carle!

So I created a project for my Kindergarten class - using painted paper to make a turkey!  The entire project will take a few days.

Painted Paper - Day 1

You will need to start by making the painted paper.  You can find great directions {HERE}.

I copied the turkey body and feathers on the back of white construction paper.  If you are unable to copy onto construction paper, you can use the blacklines to make cardboard templates for tracing.

Then I had students paint on the plain white side of the paper, and use sporks and straws to drag a design.  We used brown, red, orange, yellow, and black paint.  Painted paper is for the whole class to share, so no need to write names on anything!

Let paper dry overnight.

Assemble the Turkey - Day 2

First, be sure to admire the beautiful paper!!!

Next, I turned the paper over so I could see the blackline patterns, and I cut apart the bodies and feathers.  I just gave them a rough cut between the lines, and the students cut them on the lines.

Students then choose 5 feathers and 1 body.  Because we are sharing paper with everyone, each project has a variety of different colors and textures.

After cutting out the pieces, they are glued onto a large piece of construction paper (18" by 12").

Next students use a black crayon to make eyes and feet.  They also cut a beak out of orange construction paper and a wattle out of red construction paper, and glue them down.

Think and Write - Day 3

We started off the last day of our project by brainstorming all of the things that we are thankful for.

I made a circle map of the responses.

Then the kiddos completed the paper by writing what they are thankful for.  Last they glued them onto the construction paper below their turkeys.

You can pick up the FREE directions and templates by clicking below!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. This is AWESOME! I saved that right to my computer and YEP, I'll be doing that next week! Thanks for the freebie and directions!


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