Monday, October 6, 2014

RAPP- Restate, Answer, Prove, Proofread

Hello! It's Allison Stuckey from Stuckey in Second!
This is part of a post that I originally shared on my own blog at the end of the last school year, I'm adding what I'm doing this year to the bottom of the post!
I'm going to share my Response to Literature workstation, which isn't too complicated or involved, but I'd like to share the work I've done with my kids throughout the year (in and out of workstations) to practice Response to Literature using RAPP.

The station that my students do every week includes a question about our weekly story. They have to use their book to go back and use text evidence to answer.

You could write any question from your own stories that your students have read and include "use two details from the text," for example. My students have been taught to use RAPP. If you haven't seen RAPP before, just wait, I have lots of pictures to show you below! :)

In order for you to understand how much I teach and RE-teach RAPP and how students should use it when answering a question, let me show you all of the places that students find RAPP in the classroom:

Anchor chart at the back corner of the room
(near my small group table for me to refer to anytime I'm there)

Randomly posted around the room, in case they need a reminder!

Across this long bulletin board on the other side of the room:

And, last but not least...ON EACH OF THEIR DESKS!!!

Yes, I may be crazy...but guess what? Some of them still forget.

Here are some of the tools that I have used to help me along the way. I use these tools on whole group type assignments first, before I let them try them on their own in workstations.
Graphic organizers:

If you'd like to purchase my RAPP Detective Packet, which includes the posters (color and black/white), bookmarks, desk tags, and graphic organizers, click below:

This year, I'm at a new school, and we are back at it! RAPPing, RAPPing, and MORE RAPPing. My whole 2nd grade team is in on the RAPPing fun!
This is our anchor chart that we created together this year, to help us have a visual all the time!

 When we score the RAPP pieces, we do it out of 5 points, so the example piece shows students exactly how I score their pieces.

On this particular day that we were practicing RAPP, there were RAPP reminders EVERYWHERE!!!

 We put the bookmarks inside the front covers of our Reading Notebooks, so we always know where our "cheat sheets" are!

On our desks!

If you'd like to see more workstations that I do in my classroom and lessons, please visit my blog. Here is the link to specifically workstations. These were a series of "Workstation Wednesday" posts that I created last school year!

Stuckey in Second's Workstation Wednesdays


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